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Going Green

Building environmentally friendly homes and buildings has become very important to more and more builders and homeowners. Going Green can lead to durable construction, with a sleeker appearance that won’t break the budget. Many green choices often end up saving money over the long run due to their durability. Concrete is one of those choices.

Going Green Suggestions:

  • Concrete Floors—Unlike carpeting and other flooring choices, Concrete emits almost no harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air. Concrete staining, stamping and coloring can create a floor that is as unique as your project.
  • Durability – Concrete flooring give you a long-lasting, low maintenance option that will last the life of your home or building. This eliminates the need for floor coverings that require replacement.
  • Reduce Heating Costs — In the winter months, sunlight enters a house through the windows. The sunlight warms the air and the thermal mass materials in the concrete floor. As the air cools, the floor will radiate the warmth back into your home or building long after the sun goes down.
  • Concrete Landscape —Concrete slabs and walkways minimize the amount of water needed for your landscape. By landscaping with native plants around your concrete slabs and walkways, you can utilize the runoff to naturally water your plants at the same time.
  • Concrete Homes – Poured concrete walls act as a geothermal heating and cooling conductor as they draw heating or cooling from the earth requiring smaller heating and cooling units. In addition, homes and building made with poured concrete walls are vitually mold and termite free and can withstand hurricanes and wildfires.


The Ready Mix Concrete Industry offers opportunities for Designers, Architects, Engineers and others in the building industry to maximize credits offered by the U.S Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and environmental Design (LEED) Program.

Establish in 1998, the LEED Green Building Rating System for New Construction (LEED NC) is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for designing and building high performance, sustainable buildings.

LEED Certification can be achieved at a Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum level based on how many of the 65 LEED NC Credits are awarded after a project meets seven LEED Prerequisites.

The Ready Mixed Concrete Industry LEED Reference Document
The document is organized into 11 sections that offer the best opportunities for achieving LEED Credits through the use of ready mixed concrete. The 11 sections are organized under four categories: Sustainable Sites, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources and Innovation in Design.

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